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Back pain is one of the most common problem people go to meet doctors. Most of the patients are workers who work as a professionals and labors. Professionals are usually work in the office and sit with computer for a long time that will lead to back pain. As for labor who usually lift heavy objects, it will give pressure to your spine. You need to lift an object with right posture to prevent back injury.

Fortunately, you can do so much things to prevent and reduce back pain. If prevention fails, simple home treatment and proper body mechanics often will heal your back within a few weeks and keep it functional. Surgery is rarely needed to treat back pain.

What Is Back Pain – Disease?

Back pain patients are mostly age between 20 years and above. there are two type of back pain which are acute back pain and chronic back pain. Acute back pain is a pain that you feel for days to weeks but after getting treatment, the pain disappears. This pain is probably due to muscle and ligament injuries, it can be recovered. Chronic back pain is when after days or weeks of back pain the person get treatment such as medicine, massage, and others but still the pain still not recovered. Surgery is suggested to person who have chronic back pain. Two out of ten people with acute back pain will experience chronic back pain.

How To Know You Have Back Pain – Disease?

Back Pain is a common disease for people, mostly to workers who work in office and labor. It’s happened because of the wrong posture and stay at one posture for a long time. Discomfort is one of the signs you have back pain. Back pain patient will feel discomfort when they want to sit, standing, walking and even when sleep. Back pain patients will feel tense and stiffness at their back, waist and also pain that spreads to the feet.

What You Can Do If You Have Back Pain?

There are some tips to prevent or reduce the pain at your back. First thing you can do by yourself is do yoga to relax your muscle and vertebrae. Some of yoga posture are really good for your spine and back such as cat breathing, cow breathing, cobra, downward dog and many more. Other activities that you can do is swimming, swimming can strengthen muscles around your spine and it will support your vertebrae. You also can use back support for prevention, you can get one on shopee. Back support is for prevent your back pain to become worse. Here I share a video from Youtube about how to use a back support properly.

Video credit goes to VeeroesMed

But If Its Getting Worse, What I Need To Do?

Do not hesitate to see doctors if your back pain not recovered. You can go to nearby clinics to check either you need to go to hospital for further treatment or not. There are many doctors specialize in back pain such as orthopaedic consultant and spine consultant. They will suggest best solution for you by looking at your MRI. Nowadays, there are many new medical technologies that make it easier for patients like minimally invasive, endoscopic and so on.



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