Back pain is a pain that is synonymous with humans due to movements to do things in daily life. doing something with the wrong posture can result in injury to our spine.

Here Are Six Tips For Spine Care


Avoid standing for a long time

Standing for a long time without doing other movement will put constant pressure on the spine. If you have to stand for a long time, place a low bench close to your feet. One of the legs can be placed alternately on the bench to relax the legs.


Avoid using high heels

Although the use of high heels can increase self-confidence, the health of our body also needs to be emphasized. It is recommended to wear shoes with flat and soft linings to avoid.


Sit with the correct posture

Sitting is an usual activity for people. Moreover in this pandemic season many people WFH(work from home), but sitting with the wrong posture and too long will result in spinal injuries. When sitting, use a chair with a straight back and adjustable height.


Take a short break if the trip is long distances

If you are driving in a long distance, stop every hour or two. Get out of the car, stretch and walk for a while. Do not lift heavy objects immediately after driving long distances to avoid sudden injury.


Reduce/Stop smoking

Smoking can reduce blood flow to the intervertebral disc in the spine and can lead to back pain.


Observe your weight

Lose weight if you are overweight. Eat nutritious food and take the quantity of food recommended by dieticians, which are ‘quarter, quarter, half’. Do not have late heavy meals.

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