Webinar Mengatasi sakit Belakang Dalam Kalangan Wanita

Webinars have become a popular way to connect with a wide audience, and in celebrate mother’s day this event webinar was no exception. The event was a success, with a large turnout and plenty of meaningful discussion. Exclusively for the women audience who spend time with us on the weekend to educate & find solution for their back pain.


The webinar began with sharing session about causes & remedies of back pain by chiropractor Amalina from Osso Bone Care Chiropractic, followed by an interactive Q&A session. During this session, attendees had the opportunity to directly ask questions and learn from the speaker’s expertise. Attendees also had the chance to network and connect with each other in the chat box.


The event was well received by all involved. We have also conducted a lucky draw voucher session worth rm100 which was won by 5 winners. They can use the voucher when they meet with our panel doctors at private hospital.

Attendees gave positive feedback and expressed satisfaction with the content and the overall experience. Everyone in attendance was impressed by the speaker’s knowledge and the quality of the presentation.


The event ended with a call to action, encouraging attendees to take what they had learned and apply it to their own contexts. This was a great way to end the webinar, and served to further cement the knowledge and expertise of the speaker.

Overall, the event webinar was a great success. The turnout was high, the content was engaging, and attendees left feeling inspired and informed. It is a testament to the power of webinars and their ability to bring people together in meaningful conversation. We hope to organize more educating webinar by bringing the speaker from specialist around Malaysia in the future.


*below is the webinar video that has been conducted 

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